Overmoon is consolidating the best vacation homes to build a company that the whole world can trust with their vacations.
Destin, FL
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Our Story

Overmoon was started in December 2020, when founder Joe Fraiman took his family on a road trip from Northern to Southern California. Aiming to replicate what he’d experienced as a child, he rented vacation homes up and down the coast, with a plan to build lasting memories at each one.

Unfortunately, the memories the family made were of disappointing homes, in poor condition, or with other flaws that negatively impacted their family’s fun.

Joe returned from that trip determined to build an extensive portfolio of vacation homes the world could trust with its vacations.


2021First Home Purchased
2022Expansion to Orlando
2022Expansion to Destin
2023Expansion to St. Augustine
2023Expansion to Tennessee
2023Launch of 721 Fund
*Past performances is not a guarantee of future results
Overmoon App Preview

Guests Love Us

Whether they book directly, through AirBnB, VRBO, or any other OTA, guests consistently rave about their Overmoon experience:
“This was absolutely the BEST rental that I or any of the 11 other ladies I stayed with have ever been to.”Kayla (Sept ‘22)
“From our first rental being a complete disaster to finding this home it was a complete 180 turnaround. Overmoon has my future business whenever we visit Destin next!”Alissa (Aug ‘23)

Meet the Team

Meet the team of professionals with real estate, capital markets, and hospitality backgrounds who’ve come together with a mission to become the greatest hosts on earth.
AnnieGuest Experience
BenBusiness Operations
CarolineExecutive Assistant
DelanoData Science
ElizabethGuest Experience
GiancarloGuest Experience
JenCapital Markets
PaulCapital Markets

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